Into the Woods…

Hi!! Thanks for visiting our new blog! We are excited use it to keep track of our big move.

We have been given the tremendous opportunity to get away from the city grid and out into the woods of central coastal Oregon. We will spend our time here learning the techniques of sustaining ourselves on what surrounds us. On a river in the woods, with fertile wetlands and rolling fields; the land bears thriving life in every crevice. It is a blank canvas.

We will try our best to learn to live off the land by raising, growing, building, preserving, foraging, nurturing the gorgeous resources that abound. Lovingly creating hand and homemade goods sharing the bounty of our hard work.

We are looking forward to this adventure and plan to share our experiences as they come… we hope you enjoy whatever they may be!

Xoxo… Kendra and Mitchell
(and Chase, Wilbur and Zorra)

8 thoughts on “Into the Woods…

  1. You cannot imaging how jealous one can be by reading a post like this. I do not know you, the project or reason but I feel like missing something the moment I read your post.

    Will be following (no i’m no stalker! 😉 )

  2. Good luck! Can I recommend trying ducks in your new life? We started our suburban homestead last year with 5 waterfowl and enjoy it thoroughly. (PS, check out Dave Holderread in Corvallis–he’s an expert in the field. Or pond, as it were….) Either way, sounds like you’re in for some hard work but also lots of fun!!!

    • Thanks for visiting Lori! I would love to get ducks. I have heard such good things about their temperament (and their eggs!). We’ll have to look into setting up a spot for some… in the lower field on our property, we have a huge wetlands where a trillion ducks already live. I wonder if we feed them and set up a duck house nearby, would they go to it?

      • I don’t think you’re allowed to take wild ducks for personal use (hunting has different rules). I’m pretty sure they are protected migratory species; contact your local fish & game office for exact details. If you mean, buying your own ducks and putting them on this pond, I would refer you to Dave on the mixing of your flock with wild birds. (My concerns would include bio-safety issues.) We don’t use a pond but provide separate (easy to clean) water (wading pool, sheep dip, etc.) Our ducks free-range in a fenced yard and sleep in a coop/pen set-up at night. The cool thing is they are so domesticated, they even put themselves to bed (!) after dark; we just have to lock them in. (Raccoons are the big worry around here.) We raised our five birds from 2-day-old ducklings and spend a lot of time with them so they are probably more used to humans than some and mixing with other birds might have changed that dynamic. So definitely try to reach out to the Holderreads and see what they say. By many reports, their farm has excellent stock for purchase (quality among breeders varies, as you can imagine). See “Storey’s Guide to Raising Ducks” for a thorough overview. Good luck!

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